Stelo Data Replicator v6 Release History

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the Stelo Data Replicator software.

Version Number Release Date Description
v6.38.0424 Apr 2024 New Features

715 - Watchdog for SQDR Service: monitor and automatically restart sqdrsvc when stopped abnormally

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

632 - Changing service properties should log the old and new values
799 - Merge need not stay in single row mode while in openwindow processing
801 - Add "NO_CACHE=1" touchup to MariaDB and MySQL driver connection strings
747 - Expand baseline truncation error detection & reporting
748 - Db2 license does not persist through upgrades
774 - IR subscription from MySQL keep active status in spite of drop source table
780 - Derived column prompt should default to non-Nullable
786 - "Invalid string or buffer length provided by the application" after inserting float value when using IR replication = Merge
787 - "Expression type does not match column..." displayed when replicated data from MariaDB to Snowflake with DML replication = Merge
716 - Creation of I/R group hangs while running baseline to BQ
636 - DB2 LUW ODBC Driver not present in Docker image
725 - Avoid string truncation warning when processing Postgresql destination
728 - "Unexpected Error Java heap space" displayed after making IR subscription from SQDR Postgres to BigQuery using a large table
723 - Exit condition for PushChanges - A completed streaming baseline (COPYDONE) should not prematurely end in-process incremental processing
741 - Stack corruption when checking auto commit state.
v6.37.0307 Mar 2024 Bug Fixes / Enhancements

665: Touch up BigQuery ODBC Driver NUMERIC and BIGNUMERIC to specify minScale=0
668: Certify DB2 11.5.9 Special Build 39210 (2024-02-08) to be used by Stelo as control database
v6.36.0227 Feb 2024 Bug Fixes / Enhancements

655 - An incremental group cannot contain two members referencing the same source table. Move operation should enforce this constraint.
656 - Assertion "sizeof (ts.first) == ..." raised when comparing timestamps for redo
v6.34.0206 Feb 2024 Bug Fixes / Enhancements

617 - PUSHCHANGES call should be optioned as Asynchronous
625 - 'Pause' using like instead of exact match
626 - DR Manager shows the same group and its subscriptions twice in the tree
v6.32.0108 Jan 2024 Bug Fixes / Enhancements

511 - [PostGreSQL] Bundled driver datatype "bit"; "bit varying"; &"serial" should be exact match
v6.30.1207 Dec 2023 New Features

405 - Add a new dialog on the advanced panel of the destination property page - the default group advance parameter value to be used when creating a new IR Group. Modify the Parameter Data page of the Group.
193 - Certify SAP/HANA ODBC Driver
278 - Create script for restoring control databases in the event of a restore operation
424 - Default the ""Stream"" destination advance property as selected, when Destination Database is either kSpark or kBigQuery. Supply corresponding default for Parameter corresponding to Stelo Support Tech notes
331 - Display which methods are timing out in 'Deadline exceeded ' error message
457 - Enhancements to the Drmg Service->Properties->Service panel
302 - Expand default Request Timeout to 120 s from 20 s
477 - Handling (VAR)CHAR for BIT DATA from iSeries to BigQuery or Databricks: set agent configuration property binaryCCSID = 37 (default is 65535)
188 - Improve loading objects speed in drmgr by incorporating filter as part of get to service to limit amount of data returned
379 - Improvements for 'Add Server' function: friendly name, resolve to IP if DNS is performing poorly, test button and more
478 - Make ""ODBC Driver"" default selection when defining a new source or destination
181 - pause must include a force cancel option
430 - Set Refresh Config option when group parameters have changed

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

183 - ""Login failed"" displayed after modified destination when creating new IR subscription
185 - Column of Subscription/Log page is disappeared if trying to change size of column with out of bound.
196 - Datatype ""BIGINT"" is mapped to ""STRING"" from source=informix and any destination.
336 - Do not honor checkpoint restart for streaming destination
488 - Ensure destination primary key columns marked prior to saving subscriptions.
404 - Error message displayed after export table to existing file
308 - Error message displayed when export or clear log after fresh install
353 - File -> Replay Updates... should be enabled for IR Group only
200 - Inconsistent for Data Type ""char/varchar/nvarchar"" is mapped to ""GRAPHIC/VARGRAPHIC"" between Linux and Win from any source and destination=DB2 for i
452 - IR group should keep running if the user did not change anything and click OK button
373 - Password for the SQDR and DB2INST1 users expire after 90 days
184 - Properties window should display after double click Source
294 - Strict apply rule with soft delete should not delete rows
176 - Unknown error shows when opening IR Group, Cancel this Group then clicking on IR subscription.
v6.22.1011 Oct 2023 Bug Fixes / Enhancements
Installer changes
v6.20.0817 Aug 2023 New Features
16085 - RBAC: Expand implementation of "Log Details"
16079 - Modifying schedule should not overwrite the destination
16053 - drmgr: Need indicator when display update is paused
16042 - Expand "rename" subscription and group dialog to full size of the column name
16026 - Support BigQuery ODBC Driver
16023 - Schedule query should return all available data for the scheduled task
15965 - Add filter based upon IR status for Incremental Group Members and Source subscriptions
15945 - Support Postgresql as incremental source
16015 - Implement new method to return current Scheduler queue contents
16021 - Provide new query for Control Table "schedule"

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
16131 - Use of "NOT LOGGED" not supported by DB2 for zOS
16123 - The Group icon change status when used with authorized account
16086 - Logs: clicking filter icon off does not disable filter
16073 - drmgr 6.2x crashes when communicating with sqdrsvc 6.1x
16068 - Revamp "rename/duplicate" dialogs
16066 - drmgr crashes when attempting to open a subscription under a group->member
16059 - Duplicate Group show incorrect help
16058 - Cannot launch help in rename textbox of Source & Destination
16027 - The Multi IR subscription did not run after created when using group with automatic snapshot turn off
16024 - Database/Schema does not display after creating a group without clicking in the Advanced tab
15986 - The new source does not display after using non-existed agent until after re-opening the source
v6.15.0531 May 2023 New Features
16001 - Permit cancel of a connection that is associated with either Apply or Staging

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
15979 - The Destination tab is missing parameters after renaming the destination of a running IR subscription
15985 - Parameters are not logged for Set commands (source/dest; group and subscription)
15989 - GetTableIndexesStatistics is not properly returning the value of the non_unique index column from SQLStatistics
15998 - Enable logging as default with a 7 day retention after running the Data Replicator Configuration
16005 - Set subscription hangs when saving a group with a schedule
16006 - Handle unknown datatype promotion to [LONG]VARCHAR by the staging agent
16009 - The refresh icon should refresh the log view
16010 - SQL_GUID type not allocated properly when replicating between Postgresql and SQL Server
16013 - Implement a tool that transforms sqdrmsg in Linux
16019 - Add a service property to force schedule recalculation at service startup
v6.14.0420 Apr 2023 New Features
15925 - New interface to run supplied queries for gathering statistics related to replications
15970 - Support "Unity" catalog for DataBricks
15977 - Add SingleStore ODBC driver to list of supported drivers
Bug Fixes / Enhancements
15920 - Improve visibility of MERGE performance
15921 - Adding parameter to -Json to cmdlet Import-Properties
15922 - Hang in SQDR when replaying group with pending transactions
15923 - Installer: VS Redistributables to 14.34.31938.0
15927 - Provide option to run Merge compression logic on destination
15928 - Add "more" processing back into Merge processing
15932 - Group icon does not show 'Synchronizing' when baseline is synchronizing
15933 - Destination object schema is auto changed to nonexistent schema
15936 - Merge using Tier 4 compressions requires Sequence number to be included
15938 - Snowflake: UTF8 storage of VARCHAR may exceed character precision of column
15941 - Provide means to display log messages in-full, given current sizing of window
15943 - Provide mechanism to configure larger gRPC send/receive message size (compress?)
15944 - Query of ir_subscription and ir_group does not return a value for "RPS" or "KBS"
15946 - Tier 4 compression should calculate max_sequence for only DML operations
15947 - PostGre: create merge statement must not contain "NOT NULL"
15948 - PostGre: UTF8 storage of VARCHAR may exceed character precision of column
15951 - Change of dml_Algorithm not working as intended
15952 - Merge: Change default to use Tier 4 compression
15953 - Add new attributes for Merge to ir_group.sql query
15954 - Unable to create subscription names with length greater than 30 characters
15956 - Merge Algorithm changes
15957 - Import of another group's subscriptions if another group is running baselines
15958 - Group baseline doesn't cancel
15959 - Limiting search for a particular group in the ir_subscription.sql and targetchecker.sql still results in all results being returned
15960 - Add filter option "ALL"
15962 - Provide service property to bypass use of MultiRow Apply
15963 - Merge: Commit merge statement without waiting for interlock
15966 - Use multirow for Snowflake even when synchronizing when using Merge
15967 - Autosnapshot option of incremental group does not appear to be functioning
15968 - Permit rename of source or destination object
15971 - Snapshot cannot re-run successfully after cancelling an already running snapshot replication
15972 - SQDR service stops after using ''' in Query textbox
15974 - Insure MultiRowApply does not inherit any bound parameters
15975 - Renaming a subscription does not work correctly after incorrectly renaming the subscription to an existing subscription
v6.12.0202 Feb 2023 15382 - ControlDB: allow longer passwords
15426 - Subscription/ Columns: Informix Interval data type - the precision shows as '%d' in the Add Column dialog
15465 - SQDR Manager: App hangs when importing subscription while having failure in destination connection
15471 - Subscription/ Column Properties: Long name datatype (INTERVAL YEAR(1) TO MONTH,datetime year to fraction) did not display fully
15479 - Adding subscription flow/Groups Schedule: The schedule shows "One Time'' when the group schedule set to 'Recurring'
15496 - Add Apache Spark (e.g. Databricks) as certified DBMS
15527 - PostgresSQL:Subscription/Add Column: decimal/numeric data types are not displayed in Source Type column
15528 - SQDR Manager/Source Properties: Allow Mixed-Case Input in New Capture Agent Schema input
15534 - Subscription: PostgreSQL to Informix - char(1) maps to MULTISET(1) by default
15562 - Installer: add SQDRConf and controlDB SQL scripts to drmgr installer
15575 - Installer: update to IS2021
15548 - Enhance destination object with new V6 functionality parameters
15563 - SQDR Manager: Empty Help content displayed when inserting IR Group while no Destination added
15580 - Installer: sign more binaries
15588 - sql_type used to bind source LOB primary key
15589 - Unable to create source/destinations when driver Name > 30 characters
15590 - Avoid use of Rollback if data source does not support transactional control
15600 - Avoid performing searched DML operation if subscription lacks key
15605 - SQDR Manager/Destination: The 'Create table' does not retain user's changes when creating/modifying destination in subscription flow
15636 - Qualify invocation of GNV function
15651 - Db2 to Snowflake- Subscription Column page: NCLOB/DBCLOB map to varchar(-1)
15665 - replication manager crashes when adding a derived column with more than 128 characters
15666 - SMTP email notifications for snapshot replication
15669 - MariaDB to Databricks: Subscription: Invalid mapping on LONGBLOB,TEXT,TINYTEXT,MEDIUMTEXT columns
15676 - "Replication Service Error" windows displayed after create Sources name with blank space first
15692 - MariaDB to otherDB: Subscription: Invalid mapping on LONGBLOB column
15708 - Report AccessControlDB startup problems to the event log
15713 - SQDRConf: recognize ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server
15663 - Implement Role based access control (RBAC)
15731 - Implement Merge Apply algorithm
15795 - SDQR_ODBC
15801 - Installer: VS redistributables 14.34.31931.0
15886 - Add @SCHEMA and @DSN as macros interpreted as partitioning value

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