StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Release History

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
6.13.0131 Jan 2023 13749 - Installer: update bundled version of jetty
13750 - Installer: update bundled version of derby
14778 - Installer: changes for JRE 17
14982 - JRE17: email & ftp
15523 - Launch agent: run db2updv115 after DB2 RESTORE DB
15556 - Installer: create kafkasq installer
15557 - Installer: changes for SQDR Plus 6x
15575 - Installer: update to IS2021
15579 - Installer: sign our Windows binaries
15595 - Installer: update prq.bat (script for choosing location of subinstallers)
15609 - Oracle XStreams: Acknowledge read position more often.
15617 - JTOpen 11.0
15672 - Control Center: Update to GWT 2.10
15678 - XStream: Restarting agent while processing single row transactions may leave uncommitted transactions.
15679 - XStream: Acknowledge low watermark position more frequently.
15684 - XStream: Implement workaround for Oracle Outbound Server running out of memory and hanging
15693 - Installer: include Oracle & iSeries scripts
15696 - Oracle Logminer RAC: Avoid or diagnose periodic hang
15707 - Xstream sourceDbName and case sensitivity
15717 - Oracle: T2 Lagtime always zero
15744 - Installer: update JRE to 17.0.5
15764 - Installer: update mysql-binlog-connector to 0.27.5
15756 - Installer: clean up old JRE, Jetty & Derby files
15801 - Installer: VS redistributables 14.34.31931.0
15806 - Control Center: use newer version of db2jcc4 JDBC driver
15807 - Installer: update to Oracle Instant Client 19.17
15808 - Control Center: update Oracle JDBC to 19.16
15809 - Installer: update hsqldb.jar to to 2.7.1

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