StarPipes for Windows

Fast, robust data access solution

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support provides secure connections to DB2 databases
  • TCP/IP access to SNA-bound DB2 databases
  • High capacity replacement for IBM DB2 Connect gateways
  • Simple installation and Remote management application
  • Dynamic RDB routing
  • Multi-threaded design
  • Four levels of tracing
  • Standards-based
  • Centralized licensing of StarSQL client computers

StarPipes provides a robust multiprotocol gateway for access to IBM DB2 databases from Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Java client and server-based applications. StarPipes' SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support provides secure connections over public networks without updates or configuration changes to either the client or the database host. When used in an SNA environment, StarPipes enables clients to access IBM DB2 databases using TCP/IP or SSL, while maintaining SNA on the mainframe.

StarPipes represents a high capacity, high performance, alternative to IBM's data access solution. StarPipes gives users unmatched choice in selecting their network protocol for remote database access with an easy migration path to direct TCP/IP or SSL connectivity with DB2.

Enhances StarSQL

StarPipes operates with StarQuest's StarSQL software—an ODBC driver for Windows and UNIX that uses IBM's DRDA database interoperability protocol to connect to any DB2 relational database. Users get direct database access to remote DB2 databases from client applications that are ODBC-enabled, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Cognos BI, Business Objects, Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder and hundreds more. In addition, StarSQL provides a high performance JDBC driver that provides access to DB2 databases from Java applications. StarPipes' centralized licensing feature simplifies the deployment of StarSQL clients in the enterprise.

Offloads SSL processing

StarPipes' SSL support offloads the processor-intensive public key encryption algorithms involved in SSL transactions from both the host and the client platforms. It also avoids the need to update older DB2 host databases and client ODBC/JDBC drivers that may not include SSL support. Configuring SSL on the host and clients can be a complex and disruptive task; using StarPipes for SSL simplifies the task of configuration.

SSL on Starpipes can be configured for either inbound or outbound traffic, or both. When configured for inbound traffic, it can act as front-end gateway providing SSL access to the host. When configured for outbound traffic, it can provide SSL services on behalf of the client. A pair of StarPipes gateways can be configured to provide a secure tunnel over a public network without the need for configuration changes or updates for the client or host. See the StarPipes Help file for example scenarios.

Platform Options to Meet Your Needs

StarPipes runs on Windows to provide unprecedented configuration options to meet customer needs. 

Designed for the corporate departmental and branch users, StarPipes for Windows provides state-of-the-art Windows architecture for high capacity, robust, and fast database connections. StarPipes for Windows offers unparalleled remote management flexibility including the ability to add routes, kill connections and trace applications.

Easy to Configure

StarPipes eases the configuration of StarSQL clients. Clients need only enter the TCP/IP address of the StarPipes server when configuring an ODBC data source. All SNA or SSL connectivity is addressed at the StarPipes server with TCP/IP to SNA or TCP/IP to SSL routes which can  be added dynamically to StarPipes. The StarPipes Management Console allows routes to be added remotely as well as enabling remote stop and start of the server and remote trace and kill of ODBC connections. 

When replacing an existing IBM DB2 Connect installation, StarPipes can reuse the existing SNA configurations. 

Get Fast Performance, Direct Access

StarSQL and StarPipes use standard protocols to provide the fastest possible connection between a desktop application and DB2 data. StarSQL takes ODBC application requests and transforms these into a DRDA data stream, which can be read directly by DB2. StarPipes provides the routing function necessary to move the TCP/IP packets, sent from the desktop or server, on to the SNA or SSL network to connect to the DB2 host. The result is a very efficient, highly robust, production quality direct access path to DB2 data from the desktop.

Security and Compatibility for the Enterprise

StarPipes supports security enforcement facilities of DRDA that limit database access by user ID and password using existing host-based security software. StarPipes implements DRDA-over-TCP/IP in accordance with IBM's DRDA Level 3 specification. Customers may convert to Level 3 support without changing any of their DRDA TCP/IP clients. 

System Requirements

Refer to StarPipes System Requirements for a detailed list of the configurations that StarPipes supports.

Licensing and Pricing Information

For pricing information, contact StarQuest or call 1.415.669.9619.