StarPipes for Windows v4.08 Release Notes

April 2020


StarPipes is StarQuest's gateway product for DRDA communications for use with StarSQL, StarSQL for Java, and other DRDA requesters. It provides central management for access to multiple DB2 hosts through a single Windows server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for secure communcations, and TCP/IP-to-SNA conversion. In addition, it can be used to centralize the licensing for StarQuest products such as StarSQL, and can be used for troubleshooting DRDA applications that run as a Windows service, such as StarQuest Data Replicator and Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to the Quick Start Guide for StarPipes for Windows for detailed information about installing StarPipes for Windows for the first time, and refer to the StarPipes Help file for detailed information about using the StarPipes for Windows software.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarPipes for Windows introduces the following new features and improvements:

Refer to the StarPipes Help file for detailed information.

Upgrade Considerations

This section describes issues of interest for users who are upgrading from a prior version of StarPipes for Windows.

If you are upgrading from StarPipes for Windows NT v2.20 and earlier, you must first remove the old version by selecting "Uninstall
StarPipes for Windows NT" from the StarPipes for Windows NT Program Group.

If you are replacing a 32-bit version of StarPipes with the 64-bit version, you must remove the 32-bit version first.

Upgrading from any version of StarPipes earlier than 4.0 will remove your StarPipes configuration; you should make a note of the configuration before upgrading.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarPipes for Windows on computers with the following operating systems:

We recommend installing the latest Windows updates. For Windows Server 2012R2 and windows 8.1, the  April 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 (2919355) is required.

StarPipes for Windows requires Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 runtimes. The StarPipes installer will install the Microsoft-supplied Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package if it is not already present on the system. The Microsoft Redistributable package will remain on the system if StarPipes is upgraded or uninstalled.

This information supercedes the system requirements documented in the Help file.


During installation, you will be prompted for your choice of SNA server (Microsoft Host Integration Server, IBM Communications Server, or none). If you wish to switch later, you will need to reinstall StarPipes for Windows.

StarPipes for Windows will work with either the client or server software of the SNA server; however, for best performance we recommend that StarPipes for Windows be installed on the same machine as the SNA server.

FixPak and PTF Notes

This section describes specific IBM issues and the FixPak and PTFs that may be necessary for StarPipes for Windows to function properly.


Installing and Using the StarPipes for Windows Software

Known Issues

Email Notification and SMTP Authentication

When SMTP authentication is not being used, you can supply any value for the From field. When using SMTP authentication, the From field should be a valid email address hosted by the SMTP server, although it does not need to match the userID being used for SMTP authentication. If you supply an invalid email address for the From field, a misleading error message is displayed ("550 <> No such user here", where is the recipient).

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarPipes for Windows software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
v4.08.0420 Apr 2020 14228 - SSL: app crashes if SSL not loaded on the host
build StarPipes with vs2019 and IS2019
starlicense client components 1.40.0406
v4.07.0727 Jul 2018 14361 - build StarPipes with vs2017 and IS2018
Update to latest email libraries
v4.06.0228 Feb 2018 14328 - Need ability to specify Subject (CN) when configuring SSL listener
v4.05.1002 Oct 2017 14068 Improvements in SSL support
v4.04.0816 Dec 2016 13477 StarPipes Installer: update to IS2015 and use new SHA-256 code-signing certificate
13720 build StarPipes with vs2015
13782 StarPipes installer: update to InstallShield 2016
13830 Update VS2015u3 PRQ to latest version and fix registry condition
Update help file
v4.03.0617 June 2013 12313 Email notification
v4.02.1126 Nov 2012 11951 Add an API to retrieve error message text for SSL errors
11977 missing SSL error messages
12134 Idle timer not honored
12089 SSL connection from Win7 or Server2008 to UDB fails
v4.01.0103 Jan 2012 11864 Support TLS 1.2/ AES 256 option
v4.00.1722 May 2011  

Contacting Stelo

If you need to contact technical support, please provide the following information to help the support engineers address your issue. You can contact Stelo via phone, email, or facsimile as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Company Information Address
Contact Information First and Last Name of individual contact
Email Address
Host Type Hardware and Operating System (i.e., IBM i 7.3)
Network Protocol/Gateways Protocol and/or Gateways used (i.e., TCP/IP, SSL/TLS)
Client Type Client Type and Operating System (i.e., Windows Server 2019, Oracle Linux 8.6)
Stelo Product,
Version, and Source
Which Stelo product and what version is installed (i.e., StarSQL for Windows v6.41.0719)
Where you obtained the software (i.e., direct from Stelo, name of specific reseller)
Problem Information Provide as much detail as possible, including information about any application that is using the Stelo product when the problem occurs and the exact error message that appears.

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