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Last Update: 27 January 2015
Product: SQDR Plus
Version: 4.50 & later
Article ID: SQV00PL019


This article answers frequently asked technical questions (FAQs) about the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus (SQDR Plus) data replication solution. For a general overview of the SQDR solution , see the SQDR product page. Also see SQDR FAQs for additional questions and answers.


QZRCSRVS jobs in MSGW State


Question: Using WRKACTJOB on the iSeries, I see two QZRCSRVS jobs, running as user SQDR, with the status MSGW (message wait state). Is this a normal condition?

Answer: This is a normal condition. SQDR Plus monitors two message queues on the iSeries as a way of capturing errors and commands that originate on the iSeries. The process is normally in a message wait state.



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