StarQuest Technical Documents

SQDR Plus: Oracle XStream Licensing

Last Update:31 May 2022
Product: SQDR & SQDR Plus
Version: 5.30 and later
Article ID: SQV00PL071

Special licensing considerations apply when using XStream technology with an Oracle source.

Run the following SQL on the Oracle host system to obtain a CPU count and processor type and provide the output to StarQuest sales. In the case of a RAC environment, please run it each of your RAC instances:

SQL> select STAT_NAME,to_char(VALUE) as VALUE ,COMMENTS from v$osstat where stat_name IN ('NUM_CPUS','NUM_CPU_CORES','NUM_CPU_SOCKETS');

SQL> select PLATFORM_NAME from v$database;

Alternatively, run the following UNIX command on each system:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo

If you are running AIX on IBM Power Servers, we would also like this information from your source server:

lparstat -i






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