StarPipes Technical Documents

StarPipes for Windows FAQs
Article # SQV00SW001
The following FAQs are designed to answer some of the basic and common questions regarding StarPipes for Windows.
Quick Start Guide for StarPipes for Windows
Article # SQV00SW002
This document is a guide for installing and configuring StarPipes for Windows.
How to Generate DRDA and Debug Traces using StarPipes for Windows
Article # SQV00SW003
It may be difficult to obtain DRDA traces using the StarSQL DRDA Trace Recorder in certain Windows environments such as web server environments or when running a multi-threaded application. In these situations, you may be asked by StarQuest Customer Support to install StarPipes in order to generate DRDA traces for troubleshooting purposes.
SSL Hints for StarSQL and StarPipes
Article # SQV00SQ064
This technical document provides details and hints regarding the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) implementation used by StarSQL for Windows and StarPipes for Windows.