StarSQL offers performance, ease-of-use, and reliability at a great value.

  • Support for the latest operating systems and databases, including Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, Db2 12 for z/OS and IBM i 7.4, and Apache Derby.
  • Compliance with ODBC V3 and DRDA Level 3
  • Pure Type 4 JDBC driver
  • Database access from all popular computing platforms and languages
  • Affordable, flexible licensing and pricing
  • Optimized for fast data access
  • Full support for two-phase commit. transactions
  • Support for XML and LOB data types
  • Secure access, including TLS/SSL support
  • Enhanced support for Stored Procedures
  • Thread-safe for server applications

StarSQL ODBC/JDBC Database Drivers

Fast, reliable access to IBM Db2 Databases

StarSQL is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC driver for Windows and Linux, as well as a type 4 JDBC driver. Use the 64-bit driver to unleash the power of 64-bit database applications running on 64-bit operating systems. You can install and use both the 32-bit and 64-bit StarSQL ODBC drivers on the same 64-bit Windows or Linux computer. The 32-bit ODBC driver is available for 32-bit Windows and Linux systems.

The StarSQL driver provides fast, direct access to IBM’s Db2 relational databases and Apache Derby. With a license to use StarSQL, you can use either the ODBC driver or the JDBC driver. Deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, or Windows client computers, and pay only for the number of connections that are needed at the same time. StarSQL licenses are suitable for Web servers and traditional client-server applications, with attractive entry-level pricing and volume-purchase discounts.

The StarSQL ODBC driver can be used from any ODBC-based Windows or Linux application. StarSQL for Java, a pure JDBC driver, can be used from any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) compliant application.

The StarSQL ODBC driver is compliant with the IBM CLI Version 2, the ODBC v3 standard, and DRDA Level 3. StarSQL for Java is a Type 4 JDBC driver that features comprehensive support for Version 3.0 of the JDBC standard, including support for J2EE, LOB (large object) data, encrypted passwords, connection pooling, and Two-Phase Commit (2PC) JTA-type transactions.

With the StarSQL driver, users can access Db2 data seamlessly from spreadsheets, reporting applications, C# .NET and PowerShell applications, and many other applications and development tools.

Benefits of Using the StarSQL Driver

Leverage your existing hardware and network connections, as StarSQL runs on legacy systems as well as with the latest operating and database management systems. The StarSQL driver runs on a client computer, with no host software or proprietary gateway required, and uses existing TCP/IP connections to the host database.

Flexible, Affordable Licensing

StarSQL is offered with flexible packaging and licensing options. Licenses are priced according to the maximum number of StarSQL concurrent connections that are needed. This allows customers to deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, UNIX, or Windows client computers, and pay only for the number of connections that are needed at the same time.

Easy-to-Implement and Easy-to-Use

A Data Source Configuration Wizard steps users through the steps of configuring StarSQL to access a particular data source. You also can install custom, pre-defined Data Source Name definitions as StarSQL is deployed throughout an organization. StarSQL is compatible with most applications, providing users with immediate access to Db2 data.

Robust Implementation and Performance

StarSQL uses open industry standards to deliver rapid access to Db2. It implements unique, built-in memory management, collapsed protocol layers, and minimal data transfer, to provide the industry’s fastest remote data access.

Support for All Major Languages

StarSQL includes conversion support for all major language groups, including legacy hosts that use Extended EBCDIC for East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). StarSQL also supports modern applications and hosts that take advantage of Unicode encoding. StarSQL v6.x is a Unicode ODBC driver.

Support for Two-Phase Commit Transactions

StarSQL supports two-phase commit transactions to IBM mainframe, mid-range, and workstation-based hosts. StarSQL’s two-phase commit support provides high transaction throughput rates, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC.)

Support for LOB Data Types

StarSQL provides efficient, high speed, access to LOB data types—Binary Large Objects (BLOB) and Character Large Objects (CLOB). LOB data is increasingly important for storing and retrieving rich content such as video, audio, and XML-based data.

Secure Data Access

StarSQL encrypts user IDs and passwords to provide greater security and data access control. The StarSQL driver respects the security protocols of the host and client computers, allowing users to access only the data they have permission to access. In addition, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) communications is available when communicating with supported hosts. For environments where the host is not configured for SSL support, you can use StarSQL with Stelo's StarPipes product to provide secure, encrypted communication over insecure channels.

.NET, ADO, and RDO Interface Support (ODBC driver only)

StarSQL for Windows implements Microsoft's most advanced ODBC application programming interface so it works with the most advanced tools, such as Microsoft Transaction Server and Internet Information Server. StarSQL for Windows supports all ODBC calls that users demand when working with the parameter marker features of PowerBuilder or Microsoft’s advanced access methods, including .NET, Active Data Objects (ADO) and Remote Data Objects (RDO).

Java, Linux, UNIX, and Windows Support

StarSQL provides the same fast, reliable data access solution for all popular computing platforms. StarSQL for Windows can run on all the latest Windows systems, including Windows 11 and Server 2022—the 64-bit version of StarSQL takes advantage of the Windows x64 architecture. StarSQL for Java uses JDBC to extend access from platforms such as MacOS.

Seamless Connection with Flexibility

StarSQL is completely thread-safe, so you can use StarSQL with Web servers, transaction processors, and data replication tools.

Compatible ODBC Applications and Languages

The StarSQL ODBC driver is designed and developed to interoperate with the Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager on Windows computers and the unixODBC open-source Driver Manager on a Linux or UNIX computer. Following are a few of the popular client software packages that have been verified to work with StarSQL:

  • Microsoft Access, Excel, Query
  • Microsoft SQL Server (SSIS or Linked Server)
  • Actuate e.Report
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • IBM Cognos Impromptu
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • Informatica PowerExchange
  • Information Builder iWay
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Perl language
  • PHP scripting language
  • Sybase PowerBuilder

Compatible JDBC Applications and Languages

Following are a few of the popular client software packages that have been verified to work with the StarSQL JDBC driver:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • JBoss Application Server
  • IBM Data Studio
  • DBeaver
  • DBVisualizer

Refer to StarSQL System Requirements for additional details of the environments in which you can use the StarSQL driver.