StarSQL for Java v2.78 Release Notes

November 2018

StarSQL for Java is a type 4 (Direct-to-Database Pure Java) JDBC driver for DRDA access to IBM DB2 databases.

This version of StarSQL for Java supports the JDBC 3.0 API.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to the StarSQL for Java Quick Start Guide for detailed information about installing StarSQL for Java for the first time, and refer to the StarSQL for Java User's Guide for detailed information about using the StarSQL JDBC driver..

What's New in this Release

StarSQL for Java v2.7 introduces the following new features and improvements:

Upgrade Considerations

This section describes issues of interest for users who are upgrading from a prior version of StarSQL for Java.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarSQL for Java driver on any computer that has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) equivalent to the Sun JDK 1.5 or later.

To use workstation licensing on UNIX, you must install the StarLicense package for your UNIX operating system.

StarSQL for Java can connect to any of the following host databases:

Installing and Using the StarSQL for Java Software

All StarQuest products require a license to use the software. StarSQL for Java uses a file named for the license configuration. The StarSQL for Java driver will first try to find the file in the CLASSPATH (java.class.path). If that fails, then it will look in java.home/lib (the lib directory of the JRE directory). If it fails to find the file, it will use default values for licensing (a StarLicense server named "starlic", listening on port 4999).

FixPak and PTF Notes

i 7.5

Install the following PTF's:

5770SS1-SI79457 for APAR SE77672

Known Issues

Administrator privileges may be needed to modify configuration

On a Windows system, you will need administrator privileges to modify the file. Right-click on the Program group shortcut Edit StarLicense.Properties and enable the Run as Administrator option.

Using DatabaseMetadata API methods with synonym

Some DatabaseMetadata API methods may not work correctly when the table name is a synonym.

Using StarSQL for Java with WebSphere on z/OS

When StarSQL for Java is installed on z/OS, all text files are converted to EBCDIC. This enables the use of StarSQL for Java with Java applications running from the UNIX shell of z/OS Unix System Services (USS). However, to use StarSQL for Java with WebSphere v5.x for z/OS, must be in ASCII rather than EBCDIC. To convert your existing file to ASCII with iconv:

$ mv

$ iconv -f -t "IBM-1047" "ISO8859-1" >

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the [StarQuest product] software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
2.78.1109 11/09/18 14454 - executeBatch: Some parameter values can cause incorrect FD:OCA descriptor to be sent
2.77.1029 10/29/18 14433 - Obfuscation script: preserve line numbers
2.76.1003 10/03/18 14404 - ShowVersion: recognize enterprise version
14415 - Error with empty CLOBs
2.75.0822 8/22/18 14386 - Regression with typdefovr (setobject)
14387 - compatibility with Java 9 Modules
14388 - better error from AGNPRMRM and SRVDGN
2.74.0813 8/13/18 14375 - DEC & CHAR behaviours
14384 - Missing/truncated DRDA instance variable data sent from multi-threaded load application
2.73.0807 8/7/18 14362 - Windows Installer: update to IS2018 & vs2017 redistributables
14377 - re-reading rows: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
14378 - Obfuscation & native licensing
v2.71.0718 7/18/18 14330 - Assembling scalar data over buffer boundary issue
14331 - Windows installer: remove StarSQL_SSL14.jar
14332 - UNIX installers: remove StarSQL_SSL14.jar
14339 - Driver may leak a timer thread when connection count temporarily drops to zero
v2.70.0701 7/1/18 8591/14319 - Support addBatch, executeBatch
10400 - Eliminate StarSQL_SSL14.jar
14262 - add ability to set held cursor per statement
14268 - Some properties (e.g. dateFormat) are missing in apps that can interrogate & display properties
14274, 14290, 14297 - syntax errors
14307 - timestamp(12) issues
14318 - re-prepare statement after an XA rollback
v2.64.0927 9/27/15; 6/21/17 13467 - getColumns() and DB2 LUW 10.5
13478 - Installer: update to IS2015 and use new SHA-256 code-signing certificate
13781 - Installer update to InstallShield 2016
13830 - Update VS2015u3 PRQ to latest version and fix registry condition
13973 - Unlimited version fails in Oracle 12.2 server-side app
v2.63.1208 12/08/14 13005 - fix for ResultSet.getBinaryStream
v2.62.0930 09/30/14 12883 -handle LOB output parameters from a stored procedure that returns result sets
v2.61.0509 05/09/14 12764 DB2 v10 for z/OS: handle Object Streaming
v2.60.0411 05/22/12 12016 Connection is not marked as being closed after getting IOException on socket
12022 report that getParameterMetaData() is supported
v2.59.0210 02/10/12 10546 Installer: add 64-bit nodelocked licensing support
11657 enhance parser to handle multi-statement SQL
11897 Enhance DataStudio compatibility
11922 Installer: update to IS2011, use standard starlic, and add VS9 redistributable
v2.58.0509 05/09/11 11677 StarPipes Proxy Licensing
v2.57.0228 02/28/11 11049 CLOB/BLOB implementation hides errors
11300 Reporting Precision of BIGINT
11582 Return meaningful value for Vendor Code (SQLCode) in getErrorCode method
11596 Calling getMoreResults on a prepared "query" can cause cursor to be inadvertently closed
v2.56.1116 11/16/09 10982 Some SBCS conversions missing for "common" MBCS hosts
10983 Change order of SECMEC in ACCSEC (workaround UDB 7.2 bug)
10984 Misinterprets ACCRDB replies - RDBAFLRM is error, regardless of SQLSTATE
11016 Failure to connect to some multi-byte UDB hosts
v2.55.0910 09/10/09 10856 Support JDBC 3.0 method getGeneratedKeys()
10892 problem with SQLDTA larger than 32K (affects stored procedures)
10903 handle CLOB output parameters from zOS
v2.54.0826 08/26/09 10881 JVM does not terminate due to persistent StarSQL/Java Threads
v2.53.0724 07/24/09 10712 NullPointerException occurs when changing the password using the newPassword property
10638 Support StarPipes RDBAliasing
10785 "driver not capable" error using the DB2 v9 row_number() over() function
10791 Support StarAdmin
10663 Documentation update
10806 Documentation update
10822 Bind problem (DBCLOB) to DB2 for zOS v8
10823 Bind problem (DBCLOB) to DB2 for zOS v9
10828 Cannot get table metadata for table using SQuirrel SQL Client
v2.52.0316 03/16/09 10624 Support INTEGER and SMALLINT data type conversion to BigDecimal
v2.51.1216 12/16/08 10457 Nullpointer exception when fetching data with Squirrel SQL client
10542 Support for DB2 Server for VSE & VM
10543 change default settings

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